Friday, February 7, 2014

Blades of Glory

AIAS crew took on ice skating!

As a chapter, Clemson AIAS is beginning to have monthly socials to get the members and interested prospects out of the workshop and out having some well deserved fun!!

For January, AIAS spent a little free time (which we all know doesn't happen very often) and went ice skating.  All in all, this was a very successful trip as only 3 people busted their butts! As you can tell from above ^^^^, we all had fun and these monthly socials are only making our chapter stronger and more involved!!!!!

For February we are gonna get on our sneakers and take a Friday night to ourselves to go bowling! We'll keep ya updated.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Clemson to Chicago!

Clemson takes on Chicago 2013 FORUM!!!
7 Freshman Architectural Students.
Some of the Clemson AIAS board members! 
Night Trip to the Skydeck!
New Years Eve Ball!

This past winter break, the Clemson AIAS chapter took a long journey of 18 people to Chicago, Illinois to participate in the 2013 Forum! This trip has proven to work its magic as those 18 members specifically are still on an architectural high from the amazing workshops and speaker presentations that took place during the trip.  Not only were we able to adventure and explore the streets of Chicago from Oak Park to Willis Tower, but we were also able to support our President, Joel Pominville, as he ran head to head for the position as South Quad Director - Elect.  Amazingly enough, he was blessed with this position and responsibility and we, as a Clemson AIAS family, are so excited to go to the 2014 Forum and South Quad to represent our President.  

Clemson AIAS is starting to make some major moves and improvements, spreading the word that AIAS is more than just a club but it is something much bigger than that.  It is the basis for any architectural student who wants to create relationships and connections across the nation.  From Forum, we were able to understand the importance of AIAS and cannot wait to continue our presidents legacy.

Joel Pominville, South Quad Director - Elect

Part of the Clemson AIAS family!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

BYOP& a Movie

     GASP, Graduate Architecture Student Program, and AIAS, American Institute of Architecture Students, joined together to put on an event called "Pumpkin and a Movie".  All the members of these two groups got together to relax for a few hours and carved some pumpkins while watching a A Nightmare Before Christmas.  It was a great turn out with not only members involved but also friends, family, and faculty.  Below is just one of the pumpkins carved, what an adorable elephant?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


We just had our first general meeting for AIAS Clemson a few weeks ago! It was a great turn out and had so many interested young architecture majors that wanted to learn more about what to expect in the years to come.  AIAS Clemson was lucky enough to recruit a couple alumni’s to come and shed light about their experience working in this industry.  Our guest speakers were Luke McCary, AIA SC President, Hillary Andren-Wise, AIA Greenville President, Brad Benjamin, and Justin Abrams.  Together they told many funny stories, enlightening reasoning, and advice to help us as we continue on our own personal journey through acquiring our degree.  Not only did we have a few quest speakers but we also had a junior, Carsen Landreth, in high school come and sit through the meeting.   Carsen is enrolled in civil engineering and architecture courses at the Anderson Career and Technology Center.  She showed great interest in AIAS Clemson and continuing her path through either engineering or architecture at Clemson once she graduates! 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Grassroots 2013

AIAS to Grassroots 2013-

We arrived in D.C. on a Wednesday night and decided to rent bikes (which we THOUGHT were super cheap at the time) to ride around the mall area. The next day was the beginning of the conference and we started every morning off with a cup of coffee and a beat-box.  Juicy-J (Joel Pominville) and N-Zilla the Killa (Nick Tafel) are notorious for their raps at AIAS roll calls and it was AWESOME!  After we got the crowd pumped up, we spent most of the day listening to speakers (some of them counted towards IDP credit) or participating in sessions with all the students to share ideas about everyone’s chapter.  There was a barbeque at the AIA national headquarters on Friday night and a tour of the memorials after that. Saturday night was the big party on the ferry and everyone got dressed up and ate hors d’oeurves like sophisticated architects.  However Matt Barstow did break it down on the dance floor, which was pretty crazy. Overall, the trip was a huge success.  We learned a lot, met some incredible people from all over the country, and had an absolute blast!

Check out this video from of us rapping Grassroots:

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Freedom by Charrette!

Freedom by Design is hosting a charrette in Lee 1-250 tonight at 5:30!

The charrette will be centered on the current Freedom by Design project for two clients in Anderson, SC. It is a wheelchair ramp at the back of the clients house. A wheelchair ramp at a scale larger than Clemson FBD has ever seen before. This ramp will compensate for a 60" drop from door to grade, resulting in more than 60 feet of ramp to be designed!

This means we need you! We need you to help us solve this design problem while still using those crafty architecture minds we are in the process of developing.

Come out to see what FBD is all about and help us design a ramp that will put national attention on our Chapter and FBD as a whole!!

Joel the Webmeister.

P.S. There will be pizza.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

AIAS Meeting__Lee Hall__November 9th__5:30pm

AIAS Meeting after studio on Wednesday :-)

Come out and hear a short presentation by Ana Maria Quiros, a 1st year Master's of Architecture student here at Clemson, on Sustainability and LEED.

Following the presentation, we will give you an update on:

- AIAS Clemson's doings

- FBD Silent Auction

-Potential FBD Client

- Lee Hall-iday Party?

- AIAS Forum 2011

- AIAS Mentoring Program

- Our strengths and weaknesses

- AIA Greenville Design Awards (Dec. 2nd)

- Workshops?

- and much more!

There will be some free pizza so get there on time! :-)

Location TBD.

Any questions? Contact us at or at 540-455-0368